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«NeoArt - BANSKO 2012»

1. Organizers of the Academy:

• NPO «NeoArt»

2. Goals and Objectives:
2.1 The academy has set itself the task to raise the level of knowledge and skills in the field of performance art.
2.2 The main aspect of the work of the academy is the exchange of knowledge between representatives of different cultural backgrounds and the meeting between young artists and successful educators and specialists from different cities and countries.
2.3 The academy has set itself the task to increase activity in the field of art.
2.4 To familiarize participants with the culture and traditions of different artistic schools and trends.
2.5 To create a good atmosphere for friendly and constructive contacts.
2.6 To provide a platform to showcase the best creative groups and soloists.

3. Terms and venue:
Term – 14th July – 21st July 2012
Venue – city of Bansko, “Bansko Spa and Holidays” hotel

4. Summer Academy Program «NeoArt - BANSKO 2011»:
Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2011» is not a competition;
Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2011» shall be held in the categories of VOCAL and DANCE in all of their varieties:

Summer Academy Program «NeoArt - BANSKO 2011»:

1. 14th July - arrival and check in at the BANSKO hotel. Lunch and dinner (or dinner only depending on time of arrival), and “Welcome party” - party at the hotel after dinner.

2. 15th July – 20th July -

- Breakfast until 9.00
- 9.30 - 9.45 - Inauguration and general lecture at the great hall.
- 10:00 to 12:45 - Learning in groups
- 13.00 - 13.30 - Lunch
- 14:00 to 19:00 - Free time for sunbathing, trips and other
- 19:00 to 20:00 - Dinner
- 21:00 to 22:30 - Concert at an outdoor stage in the city center.
- 22.30 - 24.00 - Party at the hotel

NOTE: The concerts shall be two or three in number and that will affect the starting time of the party at the hotel for the days when there are no concerts. Also, should a group gather for a trip to Thessaloniki, there would be sandwiches on this day and the entire program shall be changed.

3. 21st July - Eighth Day -

Departure - Breakfast (and lunch) – sandwiches are a possibility

The program of the Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2012» shall include the following additional activities and excursions:
- Excursion to the Rila Monastery with guide and discourse – Price to be specified!;
- Excursion to the Rozhen Monastery with guide and discourse – Price to be specified!;
- Picnic with sports and outdoor games with animators - is included in the total price;
- Visit to the “N. Vaptsarov” museum - is included in the total price;
- Visit to the “Neophyte Rilski” museum – is included in total price.
In the event of a group of 50 or more people, a day trip to Thessaloniki, Greece with guide and discourse shall be organized. The cost of this trip is BGN 35 and includes transportation, guide, discourse, sandwiches. It does not include entrance fees to museums and the like.

Groups and soloists aged 6 to 20 years can participate in the Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2012». For groups a 30% deviation from the age requirement is allowed.

5. Conditions for participation in the Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2012»:
5.1 Each participant (soloist or group) must provide two (2) performances different in nature;
5.2 The duration of each performance should not exceed 3.5 minutes;
5.3 The use of live musical accompaniment provided by the participants and also recorded backing vocals (except basic voice) is permissible;
5.4 The number of participants involved in the creative groups shall not be limited;
5.5 Participants are required to have an instrumental accompaniment and complete record of their performances recorded on CD (with good professional quality);
5.6 Every performance must be recorded on a separate disc;
5.7 On the disc there must be specified the name and surname of the participant or the name of the group, № of the performance and name of the composition, as well as authors' names;
5.8 The order of participation in the concerts shall be decided by the managers on the day of the concert;
5.9 Changes to the program selection and order of performances after the draw shall not be allowed.
5.10 The order of performance shall be made public on the notice board of the academy in the hotel lobby.

6. Awards: All groups and soloists shall receive diplomas for participation in the Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2012»

7. Accommodation:

Check in shall take place after 12:00, checkout shall be until 12:00
In the event of early arrival or late departure it is possible to stay at the hotel for an additional fee.
Extension of stay at the hotel shall be according to the hotel prices and is to be negotiated separately.

8. Conditions for participation:
8.1 Every performer and group shall submit an application for participation separately. In order to participate in the Summer Academy «NeoArt - Bansko 2012» it is necessary to send an application for participation to the Organizing committee before 15.04.2012 (Appendix № 1). Applications shall be accepted only via email.
8.3 The Organizing committee of Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2012» offers to organize bus transportation for all applicants. The price is to be specified and shall be made clear before 15.05.2012
8.4 Financial conditions:
All costs associated with the stay, as well as transport costs shall be borne by the participants in the Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2012».
The price for the participation of one (1) person is 285 EURO (two hundred eighty-five).

The price includes: accommodation and food (7 days/7 nights in double and triple rooms), full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Bansko Spa and Holidays hotel (http://www.banskospa.net/), as well as according to program: activities of the academy, training and master classes, creative meetings, participation in concerts and more. This price also includes the use of halls and premises for rehearsal, sound equipment, DJ for the parties in the hotel, the use of a swimming pool and spa (without procedures that require human intervention, such as massages and treatments).
There shall be present a medical practitioner at all times in the hotel during the Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2011».

8.5 Following the submission of applications, the participants shall receive a total sum to be paid at the address of the group (the soloist). The application shall be deemed valid only after the Organizing Committee receives a prepayment of 50% of the price for participation no later than 15.04.2012, the outstanding sum must be paid no later than 30.05.2012

Accounts for the payment for participation in the Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2011»
UniCredit Bulbank
IBAN: BG54 UNCR 7630 1051 4914 90

NOTE: The deposit of 50% is non-refundable except in cases of force majeure, as evidenced by documents.

8.6 General information:
• The accompanying adult bears the responsibility for the health and life of the participant. If the participant is aged over 18 years he shall be personally responsible.
• All participants are required to make a health insurance for the duration of the Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2012». Should they be unable to do so before they arrive, the Organizing committee may insure them in Bansko - the price shall be known before 15.06.11
• The organizers reserve the right to modify and supplement the program and certain terms of the conditions for participation, at their discretion.

Contact Information for the ORGANIZING COMITTEE:

Organizing committee Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2012»:
e-mail: info@neoartzone.com (for applications)
phone: +359 885 726609
Martin “Mr. Festival” Karnolski
(Producer, Director of Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2012»)

e-mail: business-pleasure@tea.bg
02/866 0391
Ivan Kasabov
(Coordinator of accommodation at the Summer Academy «NeoArt - BANSKO 2012»)